Minimum top diameter is 6". Minimum length is 12' plus trim. Any 8' or 10' logs will be considered pulp. Buck 12' – 24' (short logs) with a minimum of 8" of trim. Buck 26' – 40' (long logs) with a minimum of 10" of trim. All logs with contaminates such as metal, nails, wire or the evidence of the same, or otherwise non-merchantable will be rejected and will have a zero value. Logs must be free of any and all encumbrances including 2ndand 3rd party claims of ownership and free of liens.

Spruce and any Pine will be bought at Hemlock prices less $100/mbf & only with approval prior to delivery.

Redwood or other species will be accepted but have zero value.

Any logs with knots larger than 3" diameter or other major defects will be considered "low grade".

Logs will be scaled by Pacific Rim Log Scaling.

Our log yard is open for deliveries from 7:00am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday.

Leave the log attendant the correct spelling of log owner (s) name, current address and telephone number – this information is needed at time of delivery in order to process log checks in a timely manner. Log payment schedule is as follows. Checks are processed on Fridays and can be picked up after 2:00pm for logs delivered the previous Friday morning thru 4:00pm Thursday. Log checks are mailed out Tuesday if not picked up.

Any checks (without addresses) left over 90 days will be voided. We will split payment upon request.

To schedule a pick up with our self loader, please contact Skip Richardson at 425-239-6027.

If you have any log questions, please contact our log buyer, Eric Fritch at 425-508-6341 or